Dan Friedman and The Publication was founded in 2016 by guitarist/songwriter Dan Friedman and has involved a community of supporting musicians including John Muros (bass), Kyle Lester (backup vocals), Jonny Fair (lead guitar), Vivek Koshti (guitars), Vinay Kotamarti (drums/songwriting), Scott Thompson (drums/songwriting), and Phillip Goldsberry Jr. (drums). Recording is done mostly by Dan Friedman, whose EP “Only Stranger” (out January 27th, 2018) received acclaim from online publications such as Indie Pulse Music and We Love that Sound blog in early 2018. The first track on the EP, “Mars”, is featured weekly on Deep Dallas Radio’s singer/songwriter showcase and has been placed on Spotify playlists such as The Fresh Ten’s Money in the Bank playlist and ForTheLoveofBands’ Indie Music 2018 playlist.