Up and Comers

The Up and Comers playlists are a treasure trove of rising artists from across the musical spectrum. So dig in and click on a genre below – you’re bound to find something you love!

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There’s a better way to discover new music than searching for the same old names and hoping they’ll have new material. The Up and Comers playlists began when I started realizing that I would rather be listening to and supporting many of the artists I was seeing at local shows than keep listening to the same handful of big-name acts I’d always kept up with. We’ve all had those times when we’ve exhausted the catalogues of our favorite groups and are looking for something new. Spotify gives us new ways of discovering new music, but the playlists it generates for us are based on algorithms that support artists who typically already have large fanbases. Rather than build playlists through algorithms, I have created these lists based on artists I’ve seen at small shows (pre-pandemic), artists I’ve heard on local radio, and recommendations of friends in the music world. Over time, after nagging enough friends, family, and followers to listen and follow the Up and Comers playlist, I started hearing from artists wanting to get on the list. Since then, in the past several months, I have had the privilege of hearing submissions from a plethora of new and rising artists from across the musical spectrum.

So maybe you’re in that place where you really need some new tunes. Rather than going back to the same names you’ve always followed, why not try something new? Grab your earbuds or your fancy headphones or whatever you use to listen, and pick whatever genre you’re feeling today. You’re entering a whole world of music that you didn’t know was there.

Know an artist who needs some more love? Are you an artist looking to be featured? Submit your song to thepublicationband@gmail.com for consideration.

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