Review of “Blank Horizon” from the “Something to Brighten” EP by American Pancake

Dan Friedman, a Dallas Based singer and front man for Dan Friedman and The Publication steps out on his own solo project Blank Horizon. It is a cagey, moody piece of indie rock with syncopated pulses of sound, truly dreamy yet potent guitar sounds and Friedman’s earnest gritty pop vocal sound. The added vocals that may or may not be Friedman pitched down creates a haunting dark avant garde underbelly to the track. I really like this affectation. It within the conflicted sound of the song feels like either a conscience of devils on the shoulder.

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Review of “Don’t Bother” from the “Something to Brighten” EP by

Dallas based artist DAN FRIEDMAN is a singer/songwriter for his band Dan Friedman and The Publication. Riotous and rock n’ roll in its basic undertones, ‘Don’t Bother’ is what you can come to as a conclusion or the basis for the start of a supposition. The delightful tone of indie-disco in the teeth of the shoegazy song (especially during the bridge), Dan cultivates a dense but simple rhythmic trek. Dan’s more indie-rock framing give it another angle of appeal. Who knows. We just enjoyed the single. Whatever genre, there are times when it doesn’t really matter. This is one of those times.

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